Professional Installation


One of the biggest objections many people have to hiring a professional installer is the added cost of labor.  To stay on budget, many homeowners choose to install themselves. Although this is a great option for many, hiring an installer (especially if you have little renovation experience) can actually save you money in the long run.  Our professionals will recognize complications and mistakes earlier on, and will take measures to correct problems before they become more expensive and time consuming.


They will also arrive with the proper tools to complete the job and waste less product because they know how to make accurate cuts and floor plans. When setting a project’s budget, many homeowners acknowledge that hiring a professional installer is a smart, long-term investment for their property.



Alarm Systems

Sit back and relax while our professionals do the work to install your security system. No need to worry about if you did it wrong or spend time listening to automated directions or reading a pamphlet.  An installer can make sure your equipment is set up correctly, walk you through the ins and outs of your system, and make suggestions for how to best secure your home or business. So sit back, relax and leave the work up to our professionals.

Access Control

If you have areas that need to be secured with authorized access control then a biometric fingerprint reader, swipe card, or keypad access system is something to consider. 


Safeguard Data and Security is a leader in installing all types of access control systems that give you total protection.  These systems can be used to verify identity and allow entry or track arrival or departing times. They also allow access into permitted areas and prevent them from entering off limit areas.


Whether you have a staff of 3 or 3,000, all door access control systems that Safeguard installs are easily managed.  Fingerprint readers, swipe cards, or keypad access systems can be used on just one door or multiple doors throughout different locations. These access control systems can even track an employee from the time they enter to the time they leave the property. Contact a Safeguard Data and Security representative today for more information regarding fingerprint readers, swipe cards, or keypad access systems.


CAT Cable


Need someone to install your fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 cable, or phone cable? Safeguard Data and Security's Installation team is your solution.  We can plan, design, install, and test your wired, wireless, or hybrid network infrastructure.

Fire Alarm

All commercial and residential properties should have adequate fire prevention and detection systems in place to protect you, your property and occupants against a potential fire.


The design of a commercial fire alarm system is critical to ensure the premises is adequately protected at all times with reliable pre-warning.  The fire alarm systems that Safeguard installs are capable of detecting the early stages of fire conditions.  In the case of a detected fire, an alarm will sound and a Central Station Monitoring Center is immediately informed to alert the proper authorities.  


Safeguard Data and Security supplies and installs fire alarm systems that focus on life safety needs and your peace of mind.  Our professionals can assist you in the design of fire alarm system installation and maintenance that is right for your application.


TV Mounts

A large television just doesn't look right when it's sitting on a TV stand.  Modern flat screens are meant to be mounted up on the wall, almost as if they were floating on air.  Achieve that cutting-edge look with TV Mounting Services.  Our certified technicians can identify the best wall mounts for you and use them for secure TV installation on the wall. We provide free estimates for all of our customers.

Let our technicians take care of the flat screen installation process.  We'll look at your space and TV to come up with the best ideas for mounting your flat screen. 

Video Surveillance

Security recording devices store the footage viewed by your video cameras. Safeguard Data and Security supplies and installs many types of recording devices that store, monitor and protect your video.


Digital Video Recorders can record and store high resolution video with smooth, clear and glitch free playback.  You can even view what has been recorded without having to stop recording.  It's now easier than ever to view your footage in full HD resolution picture quality with Digital Video Recorders from Safeguard.

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