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Security Cameras


Security Cameras

Choosing from surveillance camera systems doesn’t have to be complicated. Safeguard Data and Security prides itself in customer satisfaction! Our professional installers are highly-trained technicians that will provide the highest quality job in every home or business application.Our experts are here to answer any questions you have about surveillance camera systems, and we always listen to your specific needs. If you’re unhappy with other video security systems you’ve used in the past, let Safeguard Data and Security resolve your issues.



A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive. DVRs made specifically for CCTV Security Surveillance System applications record video signals from security cameras. The information, once captured, can be stored and able to be viewed multiple times. Many DVRs are also capable of recording audio. DVRs provide features and services, such as searching video by time/date or camera, that surpass the simple recording of video images.



A Network Video Recorder, or NVR is an internet protocol (IP) based device that sits on your computer network. Since the NVR sits on your computer network, Network Video Recorders can be accessed and managed remotely via your Local Area Network (LAN) or over the Internet, allowing you greater flexibility. One of the basic functions of a NVR is the simultaneous recording and remote access of live video streams from your IP cameras. One of the main attractions to Network Video Recorders is their ease of use and installation.

Typically, a Network Video Recorder will feature advanced recording and playback capability, an intuitive remote control unit, a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), Intelligent Motion Detection, and PTZ camera control. NVRs are designed to handle the vast amounts of simultaneous video streams coming in for recording and broadcasting the same feed out live to client machines locally or remotely.

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